Pastor Debbie Dukes

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

If you are reading this then you may be feeling the movement of the Holy Spirit urging you to come and visit and be with your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. That is a special thing and my hope is that you respond to that stirring and come to worship, pray, and “be” in community.

Mt. Zion is a group of folks who gather together, called by Christ to worship and say, “thank-you” God; we notice and are grateful for your love and presence in our lives.

Mt. Zion is a group of folks who come together to serve rather than be served, and to reach out to those who are not with us, as we do not see “the church” as a building, but the body of Christ doing God’s work with our hands.

Come join us. See for yourself and let God love you.

Pastor Debbie


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Mt. Zion Lutheran Church
1600 Ridge Rd
New Market, Va 22844
(540) 740-8525


  • Thanksgiving Dinner Grocery Deliveries

    Shepherd's Hand on Monday, November 20 delivered 7 bags of groceries and 14 bags of chicken tenders to Minnick School then on Tuesday, November 21 delivered 45 bags of groceries with 90 bags of chicken tenders to Roberta Webb for distribution to children's families for Thanksgiving Day meals.
    Thanks to all who participated in this annual holday event.

  • Special Season's Events

    Wednesday Nights
    12/6, 12/13, 12/20
    1st Communion Class 5:30
    Advent Soup Supper 6:30
    Holden Evening Prayer7:15
    Sunday, December 17
    Worship / Christmas Play 10:00
    Caroling 4:00

    Sunday, December 24
    Christmas Eve
    Worship 10:00am
                1st Communion Celebration
                        (Logan, Lydia, Lucy)
    Christmas Music 8:30pm
    Worship Service 9:00pm
            Holy Communion and Candle Light