We, the people of Mt. Zion Lutheran Church, are a community of family and friends whose goal is to follow Christ by: Come join us. See for yourself and let God love you.

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Please join us each Sunday at 10:00 am as we worship under the direction of our new Pastor, Pastor Kristen Van Stee.

Starting May 5th we will begin watching short clips from the 2003 movie "Gospel of John" and discussing the text. We will start promptly at 9am so you might want to arrive a little early for coffee!

Mt. Zion Lutheran Church
1600 Ridge Rd
New Market, Va 22844
(540) 740-8525


  • Worship Service
    Sundays 10:00am
    • Please do not attend if you have cold/flu symptoms.
    • Please do not attend if you have been exposed to someone with COVID

    Questions: email us at

  • Remember
    If winter weather causes some doubt in your mind whether church will be cancelled - check you emails Saturday afternoon and evening for a cancellation notice.