Pastor Debbie Dukes

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

If you are reading this then you may be feeling the movement of the Holy Spirit urging you to come and visit and be with your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. That is a special thing and my hope is that you respond to that stirring and come to worship, pray, and “be” in community.

Mt. Zion is a group of folks who gather together, called by Christ to worship and say, “thank-you” God; we notice and are grateful for your love and presence in our lives.

Mt. Zion is a group of folks who come together to serve rather than be served, and to reach out to those who are not with us, as we do not see “the church” as a building, but the body of Christ doing God’s work with our hands.

Come join us. See for yourself and let God love you.

Pastor Debbie


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Outside Worship
every Sunday 10:00am
In case of rain we will go inside
with masking for all.

Due to the significant rise in Delta variant Covid cases, outside worship will provide the safest environment for all right now. Several factors were considered. Just to name a few…. The Delta variant is extremely contagious. Not all are vaccinated. We now know that even the vaccinated can carry and spread the virus without being symptomatic.
Thank you all for being so cooperative and caring, wearing masks inside. That speaks volumes about loving your neighbor as yourself. With that said, we will all be safer and will be able to provide a more relaxing and worshipful atmosphere together outside under the trees with a most beautiful view.
Please bring your chair. If you don’t have one, no worries. We will have some available. Same outside location. Spread out, soak up the fresh air, as we worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Mask optional, but please remember our vulnerable, and that this virus is airborne.
We start outside worship this Sunday, August 29th.

Mt. Zion Lutheran Church
1600 Ridge Rd
New Market, Va 22844
(540) 740-8525


  • Shepherd's Hand Auction

    To safely be able to hold our auction we will again be presenting it online.
    Auction items with pictures will be available here for your inspection, then available for your bids starting October 4 with the auction ending October 9.

    Complete details will be available soon.

  • Shepherd's Hand Golf Tournament

    We at Mt. Zion have decided to discontinue our annual Shepherd's Hand Golf Tournament. The 9th and final event was held in September, 2019.

    The Shepherd's Hand Ministry remains ongoing and active and the volunteers continue to reach out to and help those in need in our local communities.

    We thank all of our sponsors and golfers in helping us hold these very successful endeavors.