We, the people of Mt. Zion Lutheran Church, are a community of family and friends whose goal is to follow Christ by: Come join us. See for yourself and let God love you.

Bill Estep
Gloria Kile
Arlene Reid
Karen Zirk
Lucas Frank
Allen Harpine
Clair Stratton
Madeline Joiner
Mary Gochenour
The Call Committee
The family of Ron Long
the family of Kevin Shirkey
the family of Stephanie Van Nortwick


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Mt. Zion Lutheran Church
1600 Ridge Rd
New Market, Va 22844
(540) 740-8525


  • Worship Service
    Sundays 10:00am
    Congregation Council Worship Standards 1/1/2022
    • masking ENCOURAGED during the worship service at all times
    • Please do not attend if you have cold/flu symptoms.
    • Please do not attend if you have been exposed to someone with COVID
    • Communion will feature pre-packaged bread/wine - 1st/3rd Sundays
    • Those who are currently ill, recently exposed, or at higher risk can attend via ZOOM by phone or internet using the same procedures you followed during the last year and a half. The Zoom service will be broadcast on the first 2 Sundays of the month.

    Questions: email us at