Mt. Zion's Blessing Box


This is how it works.

It is a food box for those who are hungry. Those of us who are "full" will help feed those who are not. This is yet another way to share our abundance with those in need. We may not be able to be together yet, our tithing may be down, but our ministry is strong as God continues to bless us to be a blessing!
I let the kids know 1st about the box so they could be the 1st to contribute, to bring their attention to the reality that not all kids have what they need. The box is for nonperishable items. And the box is not just for Mt Zion, but hopefully the community will join in on the giving fun. So be sure and stop by to see it. There is also a box for prayer requests!

Thank you to Allen Harpine for construction, Pastor Debbie for design and decoration, and Rick Dellinger for installation help.

Send your "loading the Blessing Box" pictures to Pastor Debbie or Danny Rice.

It is awesome!

"Take what you need and bring what you can."

Rick Dellinger (installer) and Allen Harpine (builder)
Rose and AJ
Charlotte - Marni's grandaughter
bunch of Kipps grandchildren
Sophie (tall) Liza (short) and Huddie's back
Hudson loading and Vale supervising
Kipps grandchildren in a loading line
Julia Hart and Luci Harpine
Luci, Rawley, Brynn, Henry and Wade